Andrew W.

Carfit is highly recommended. Mr. Cassel is reliable and does an excellent job. You are in good hands here. If I need a workshop, I first ask there. TOP company.

Birgit H.

I had meonen hail damage repaired – I can only say, top work! Otherwise, I’ve already had my discs tinted with him, perfect here too. For the next few days I will have a few more parts wrapped in foil, and I am sure that everything will be to my satisfaction again here too. 🙂
Larry always makes time for his customers, even when he’s short on time. And I give him credit for that! He also always makes sure that everything works quickly and is still perfect.
I can wholeheartedly recommend him! If I could give more stars I would do it!

Jörg P.

Completely content! The man can do his business. He has a professional eye for dents and the windows were tinted on the same day. Perfect job done!

Marco L.

I repaired the hail damage in Munich in 2019 with Mister Carfit. I was enthusiastic about the quality of his work, but he has high expectations of himself. You can see that he really has experience with hail and parking damage. Thank you for the cooperation. Gladly again 😉


Very competent, good advice and friendly. There was nothing to be seen of the hail damage.
Clear recommendation!


Had a dent with paint damage in the driver’s door – called Larry – made an appointment – had it repaired – done! Top work – the damage was no longer visible! That’s how I love it – all-round carefree package received, the best and competent work and from a nice guy who goes all out for his customers! Anytime again and fully to be recommended!

Helge S.

Super quality when removing dents. Great foil tint, have already had the fourth car made. The paintwork was also great.

Christian B.

Perfect job removing hail damage and dents! I’ve also had the windows tinted and paint protection film on the loading sill! Good work! Good job! Any time!

Tim K.

Great guy! He knows what he is doing. He does his job excellently and you can talk to him about any wishes or ideas you have and always get an answer. I can only recommend him! (I made my discs sound)

Philipp R.

Good job! A very difficult dent was quickly and cleanly repaired by the Carfit company. You don’t see any difference to before! Unreserved compliments to Larry. I would love to come back for future work. Recommendable!